PAsmart grant Storytime STEM-packs: Entry Point for Early Computer Science and STEM Learning in PreK-2 Classrooms and Public Libraries

Governor Wolf talks to Gabriela Rose and Mike Fierle from AIU MSC 

about Storytime STEM+C Bee-Bot Adventures.

Governor Wolf listens to Head Start children programming Dragon-Bot.

Governor Wolf visits an AIU Head Start classroom in Baldwin Whitehall to observe Storytime STEM+C Adventures, that were provided to 134 Head Start K-2, STEAM classrooms, and public libraries.  

View the governor's press release here.

Storytime STEM-packs are an educational innovation that make it easy to integrate STEM+C concepts with children’s storybooks for ages PreK-2. Watch a short video about Storytime STEM-packs. 

  • A popular children’s book

  • All the materials needed for an engaging STEM activity

  • A facilitator guide that makes connecting the story to the STEM activity easy

  • Fun and engaging for kids

  • Esy to use with minimal preparation time

  • Aligned to standards and research 

MV WIU delivery IMG_9428.JPG

Storytime STEM-packs were developed with support from a  National Science Foundation I-Corps™ for Learning grant under Grant No. 1546720