Storytime STEM-packs Classroom Photos and Testimonials  


Iowa STEM Scale-up Program

The children in this Iowa classroom are excited as they unpack the Storytime STEM +C Adventures provided through the 2021-2022 Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council STEM Scale-up program. 

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My students thoroughly enjoyed the dragon land adventure stem kits! From measuring, to planning & building a structure; my students worked together as a team!’’                                                                                                                            Kindergarten Teacher                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The boys and girls are really enjoying the STEM Story packs. We have been reading, problem solving, and developing ways to work as a team. These activities have allowed the students the opportunity to collaborate with peers, while building upon their peer connections. It is so fun to watch the kids learn and grow as possible future engineers, while having so much fun!                                            Grade 2 Teacher    


I am heavy into the Dragonland Adventures now and .... WOW.  The kids are absolutely LOVING it!  What resonates with me as the teacher is how much these kids take in at a young age and how they just want more and more and more because of it.  We are hitting SO MANY topics and subject areas.  Each child/team finds their way in discovering a way to do something, how to design/build a prototype, or even to solve a problem.  The books are great and the kids do a great job of referring back to them and can easily recall the story from week to week and from activity to activity.  I am currently doing the "shelter" for the cat from Sail Away Dragon.  I was amazed how deep we got into waterproof materials, etc ... even with kindergarten!                                                                                                              STEAM Teacher


My students absolutely loved the Dragonland Adventures. They were engaged, problem solving, and team building while participating. You don’t really think about the other skills they are learning during this process; sharing and turn taking and encouragement! We had the students in groups of 3; they were taking turns, encouraging and helping others, and cheering on! I think was resonated the most with them was how the bee bot actually moved to the place they wanted it to go. I heard a lot of students saying things like, “I can’t believe he went where I wanted him to go!” or “I made him go there!” They were so proud of themselves!                                     Head Start Teacher

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Children are programming Bee-Bot during Finding Footprints on  the Moon challenge at Delmont Public Library.

Watch the short video. 

IMG_3786 Cornell three kids crop slight.

Children are programming Bee-Bot during  Exploring Craters on the Moon challenge at Cornell Head Start classroom.

Summer Reading Club children engaged in Storytime STEM-pack Peg+Cat and the Race Car Problem


Hello from the Duquesne City Head Start Classroom implementing Storytime STEM-pack On the Construction Site

Storytime STEM-packs were developed with support from a  National Science Foundation I-Corps™ for Learning grant under Grant No. 1546720

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