Accelerated Learning in Mathematics

Free virtual synchronous mathematics professional learning series to help educators accelerate the learning of mathematics 

  • Are you strategic about how you plan to address current and ongoing learning gaps? 

  • Are you seeking better ways to provide just-in-time interventions during the school day that do not replace daily, grade-level instruction and are designed on the basis of the results from effective formative assessments? 

  • Do your want access to a newly created document to identify which PA Core mathematics standards have critical prerequisites from the prior grade level that may interfere with a student’s ability to access grade-level content in grades K-Algebra I?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then AIU MSC has an opportunity for you!


Participants will learn:
•    assessment strategies for identifying unfinished learning
•    how to utilize just-in-time learning opportunities
•    how to support conceptual understanding versus skill and drill
•    ideas for organizing the math block for accelerated learning
•    how to use edtech tools strategically
•    how to leveraging afterschool providers and caregivers to support remediation efforts

Cost: Free

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Accelerated learning Dates #2 (2).png